Warwick High - 45th Reunion
















Hello everyone,

I received the Warwick High School 45th reunion directory from Gladys.  For privacy, the information will be in a password protected directory.  Both a user name and password are required to access the directory.  In this case, the same word is used for both, which is the name of the team/mascot when we went to school.

The Warwick High School _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (lowercase).

Click here to access the directory.

The photos I have have now been posted (really Gus!) linked from the same page as the directory.  Sorry for the delay.

In addition, Gladys sent a few other documents of interest (all are Word documents):

  • 45th reunion class statistics, event dinner menu and more - click here
  • Missing classmates - click here
  • Deceased classmates - click here