What is Covered

Practical Marketing is a resource for small and independent businesses that want to increase profits and business value through better marketing.  Poor marketing is one of the top 10 reasons businesses fail.  As important as marketing is, the vast majority of small and independent businesses regard marketing as a highly discretionary, and often optional, undertaking.  Based on over 20 years of marketing experience, Practical Marketing is a resource of practical tips to help your new, or existing, business profit and increase in value.

Here's a sampler of just a few of the areas I'll be covering in Practical Marketing:



Okay, you're open…now what?

And, why do so many small businesses still appear this way to their potential customers and existing customers…even if they've been open for years?/ 


Why I think this business is one of the best GOLD MINING companies in the world and what can you learn from them.

Why this is one of the rare times you'll witness this repositioning technique working - ever!

And why it will NEVER work for you unless you have $millions to try and pull it off . . . which I'm betting you don't.

If you were to weigh these three major elements of a direct mail program in terms of the potential success of the mailing , how would you rank them?

Why do most small business owners invariably start with one area in particular. . . the least important of the three?


What would you say about the role of graphics in designing a usable Web site?

Why do most small business owners start with how a Web site is going to look and why that is NOT the way to design a truly effective Web site.

What else is covered?

  • I'll identify the most common marketing problems you'll face and what  you can do to avoid them.  Just knowing what the problems are and what you can do about them will put you head and shoulders above the majority of all  businesses, large and small.  You'll have the details of what to do.
  • I will show you where successful marketing starts in virtually every business.  You'd think this would be so obvious, but I can tell you that it isn't and what to do about it in your business.
  • I'll share with you how to complete a timely and cost-effective marketing plan, and the two main reasons why a good plan is so critical — whether you are just starting up or are already in operation.  
  • I'll show you how good marketing can impact the value of your business …not just in terms of increased and sustainable sales, but also in terms of building the literal dollar value of your business right from the start.
  • I will share with you how even such a basic task as choosing a business name directly impacts the value of your business.  I'll also show you example after example of businesses, small and large, that are literally wasting their marketing dollars…dollars that could be building sales and building value.
  • I will share with you important steps to take before you start your marketing plan…steps that will make your marketing efforts even more effective.
  • I'll share my Web experience with you and show you how a well thought out Web site can directly impact your bottom line in terms of cutting expenses and increasing profit.  I know cutting expenses increases profit, but so does increasing sales independent of expense.  I'll also share with you why making the Web part of your marketing plan is no longer a choice.  I'll provide tips on how to integrate the Web into your marketing effort, right from the start.



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