Web Site Evaluation

There are two competing forces at play in Web design:

  • Graphic Design:  More often than not, web site design is done, and evaluated, just from the perspective of the visual …if it looks good, it must be good.  Unfortunately, where commerce is concerned (i.e. profits and sales as opposed to just entertainment), putting "looks" ahead of usability can not only minimize effectiveness, it can actually do great harm.   If a site visitor can't navigate, can't find information, and can't perform basic tasks, even the most beautifully designed site will NOT offset a negative experience.  To make matters worse, not only is the negative experience associated with the site, it is associated with the BRAND.
  • Technical Design (aka computer programming):   Effective site design is also a reflection of good communication skills.  While some of the sharpest individuals I know are programmers, most software programmers not only lack communication skills, but improving them is not a priority either.   Survey after survey of programmers show that given a choice of improving technical skills or improving communication skills, technical always wins out.   What might be entirely logical in the mind of the folks that brought you DOS, CRM, ATI, ATM, XML, PHP, NAS, VPN, and all variations thereof … just might not be so logical to the person trying to find a red, size 10, sweatshirt. 
The net result?  The vast majority of Web sites are seriously flawed.


Web Site Evaluation Service

This service was developed to provide fast and cost-effective feedback on Web site usability.  The reports are based on my own usability research, Web site experience, and participation in usability seminars held by leading usability experts. 

The evaluation consists of a review of your Web site and a report that provides constructive feedback on the following major usability issues and more: 

  • Navigation
  • Suitability to task
  • Information retrieval
  • Site structure
  • User experience
  • Other potential areas of improvement

The cost for the service is $250 for two hours of my time to review your site and prepare a feedback report.  The intent is to keep the review reasonably priced and manageable.   The final report will be e-mailed to you.

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