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If increasing the profit and value of your business is important to  you, sign up for Practical Marketing today, especially if you are just starting out. 

And, Practical Marketing will not just be strictly marketing.  I'll cover topics like which computer graphics programs I find most useful, tips on graphics, type, and printing, tips on Web site usability and a whole lot more…practical, useful tips that will help make you a better marketer!

Practical is a combination marketing tutorial/marketing newsletter good for six months from the date you sign up.

Here's what will be included up front:

  • What steps to take before you start your marketing plan;

  • Three important objectives to keep in mind while you are preparing your marketing plan (addressing  these three areas alone will set you apart from most other small businesses);

  • An easy to use marketing plan outline to help you prepare your own plan;

  • What steps to take to make sure the marketing plan gets done;

  • Tips on how to integrate the Web into your marketing thinking, your marketing plan, and your ongoing marketing efforts;

  • Tips on how to build the value of your business, right from the start;

  • The most common marketing problems and what you can do about them;

  • Tips on how to choose a value building name for your business;

  • How to avoid wasting a bundle on graphics;

  • and more.

Then, over the next six months, I'll cover such things as:

  • When you switch commercial printers, what you should always give the new printer;
  • How I've used Adobe Acrobat® with clients to save money on printing, packaging and project collaboration;
  • What graphics programs I've use in general and, in particular, what I do to prepare graphics for the Web;
  • Web site usability (This is a biggie.  I've been participating in usability seminars and studying Web site usability for the past couple of years.  You can benefit from this.);
  • Pricing techniques to use in special situations to help move a particular product, or products;
  • and more.

What it will cost:

    As an introductory price, the course /  
    subscription is $40 for a full six months. 

. . .  and why:

  • I truly believe you will benefit from my experience, years of working with businesses of all sizes, and study/experience of making Web sites that work!;
  • The material covered will have value for those seriously interested in improving their own marketing efforts (people tend to place more value on something they paid for and take it more seriously); and,
  • A paid subscription means there will be no banner or annoying "pop-up" advertising to distract you from learning how to become a better marketer.

When it will start:

  • The course/subscription is now available.

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The introductory price is
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