Jenn Grinels
CD Release / Party Announcement
Jenn will introduce her first full length album/CD, Little Words

Friday, August 10th, 10:00PM
at the Hotel Utah in San Francisco
504 4th St., San Francisco, CA 94107 - (415) 495-0617

Little-Words-2-200WComments about a previous performance
in San Diego just a few weeks ago:

(by Diane/The Neighborhood Cup, Aliso Viejo, CA)

"I will try to describe Saturday night's performance featuring Jenn Grinels but I don't know if I can do it justice . Okay, close your eyes. Now imagine sitting on the shore of the lake with a cool summerbreeze against your face, no one in sight, total tranquility. Musical notes fly by from behind and capture your ear. The sound is so pure you don't dare move or disturb its path. The notes skip across the water creating ripples of perfect sound. Now open your eyes and picture Jenn seated in front of you singing at The Cup. Her sound is so effortless. Sitting front and center, she captured the audience with her range and passion. But then Jenn stood up and WOW … the crowd was speechless experiencing the power and energy of her voice. It is always a magical journey to have Jenn at The Cup and we look forward to seeing her again."


From a previous trip to the Hotel Utah -- Entertainers Cara, Putnam & Kelly!

Bus Trip

There is a possible bus trip from Cupertino if we have enough interest (because of bus sizes, we need 25 folks to commit at about $30 each). If you are interested in taking the bus to San Francisco, please call 408/777-8600 or click here to e -mail your interest. We need to know by Tuesday, August, 7th.

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