Senior All Night Party Committees

Any large undertaking such as the Senior All Night Party (SANP) require the efforts of many people.  A typical SANP may involve as many as 150 volunteers.  Because of the need to coordinate the activities of this large number of volunteers, committees have been set up. To focus on different functional areas of the party, each committee has a specific area of -responsibility and is headed by one or more chairmen.

The following paragraphs outline the proposed set of committees for the 1993 SANP. The activities of each committee are described in general, followed by a listing of activities.

Bag and Check

The bag and check committee is responsible for the bag and check room. The bag and check room provides a secure place where students can check hems that they bring into the party. Items most commonly checked are purses, coats, sweaters, cameras etc. In addition, students check prizes won and souvenirs collected during the night.

The bag and check room is open during the entire duration of the party for use by the partygoers. In past years, checked items have been stored in numbered shopping bags that were donated by businesses in the area,

A summary listing the tasks of the bag and check committee follows:

Before the party:

    procure bags either through donation or purchase decorate bags to match the party theme purchase the official party souvenir

    recruit volunteers to man the bag and check room during the party

    develop a cleanup plan

The night of the party:

    check coats, purses, sweaters and prizes

    give bags to students when they leave the party

After the party:

    give unused bags to cleanup committee for storage in bins clean up bag and check room

    place moved furniture in original location   

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The primary task and goal of the tickets committee is to sell tickets. The sales of tickets generally takes place in two ways: through the mail and through sales on campus during the school day. In addition, this committee is responsible for ferreting out those students who can not afford the full price of a ticket and for then granting a scholarship. Scholarships reduce the price of a ticket to a level that can be afforded.

As a part of the selling process, the committee is responsible for the generation of publicity. This publicity takes the form of fliers in the monthly Mania Vista newsletter and on campus

advertising. In addition to the usual announcements, articles highlighting the party are often run by the local newspapers to gain community support.

A summary of the tasks follows:

Before the party:

    design ticket

    design bid and make bids

    sell tickets and coiled money on campus and by mail

    maintain an accurate list of ticket purchasers and provide a copy to Bag and Check and Security

    determine which students need scholarships

    design, print and distribute fliers to publicize the event

    make out a security bracelet for each partygoer

During party:

    verify students ID against ticket list

    give each partygoer a bid

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The gambling casino is one of the most popular activities of the all night party. The casino committee is responsible for the setup, operation and tear down of the casino. The specific activities of this committee include the following:

Before the party:

    obtain commitments for gaming tables, chairs, playing cards and chips recruit workers to staff the casino the night of the party

    train casino workers

    provide ideas for casino prizes

    coordinate signs and decorations with the decorations committee prepare and submit a shift roster to security

    develop a cleanup plan

    set up gaming tables and equipment

During the party:

    operate the casino

    assist in the tear down and cleanup of the casino

After the party:

    assist in the tear down and cleanup of the casino

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This committee assists in cleanup of the school after the party ends. Each of the committees is responsible for the cleanup of their own area(s). However, because of the magnitude of the task and the Limited time allowed for cleanup, the committees need assistance. In addition to general cleanup help, the cleanup committee members transport decorations and materials from the party area to the storage containers.

The activities of the cleanup committee include:

Before the party:

    secure large dumpster either through rental or donation recruit cleanup Volunteers

    coordinate with each committee to determine the size of the cleanup effort in each area of the party

    recruit a junior parent to assist in selecting items to be saved

The night of the party:

    during the party or just before the party begins make a survey to determine which items are to be saved and note them down for use during the ensuing cleanup

After the party:

    provide people for tear down and cleanup

    provide assistance to each committee as needed

    move materials to be saved from the patty site to the containers

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The construction committee is responsible for providing mechanical construction of the party she and is primarily a service group for the decorations committee. In addition, the construction committee is responsible, in conjunction with the decoration committee, for the selection of the party theme.

This committee also provides assistance to other committees as needed, such as entertainment and games and booths. The construction committee coordinates its activities with the electrical committee.

The primary activities of the construction committee include:

Before the party:

    recruit construction workers

    assist in selecting the party theme

    build structural elements needed by the various committees

    secure through purchase or donation, all construction materials assist in decoration of the school

    assist in setup of the game booths

During the party:

    provide support for repairs during the initial hours of the party

After the party:

    assist in tear down and cleanup

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The decorations committee is responsible for decorating the school and carrying out the theme of the party. The primary responsibility of selecting the theme lies with the decoration and construction Committees.

The specific activities of the decoration committee include:

Before the party:

    recruit decorations volunteers

    assist in developing the party theme

    overall design and layout of the party in coordination with other committees design of party decorations

    purchase or fabrication of party decorations specify lighting and Sound requirements

    decoration of the school with assistance from the construction committee

    installation of lighting and sound systems with the assistance of the electrical committee fabrication of all party signs

After the party:

    assist in tear down and cleanup

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The task of the electrical committee is to provide power, lighting and sound for the party. This committee is a service function to the other committees. The committees needing power, Fighting and sound services coordinate those requirements with the electrical committee.

The tasks of the electrical committee include the following:

Before the party:

    survey campus for power sources

    determine power, lighting and Sound requirements of other committees present a power and lighting plan

    rent power, lighting and sound equipment as required

    install power, lighting and sound equipment on campus

During the party:

    maintain equipment during party

After the party:

    tear down installation

    return equipment to vendors

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The entertainment committee locates and contracts entertainers to perform for the party. The types of entertainment can include stage entertainment, booth artists and roving artists, in addition, entertainment provides for the recording and photography studios. Entertainment also stages any student contests.

The specific activities of the entertainment committee include:

Before the party:

    determine entertainment to be provided through an "entertainment plan locate entertainers

    place entertainers under contract and pay deposits as required determine facilities and equipment needed for each entertainer

    coordinate entertainment needs with decoration and construction committees

    develop entertainment schedule secure parking permits for the entertainers arrange for video taping of the party arrange for food and refreshments for the entertainers

During the party:

    supervise the entertainment schedule meet entertainers

    assist in setup as needed pay entertainers

After the party:

    assist in cleanup

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The food committee provides food for the party. The food can be donated, purchased or a combination of the two. The specific activities of the food committee include the following:

Before the party:

    prepare a food plan

    establish the menus for each eating area enlist food workers

    solicit food donations purchase food not donated pickup donated and purchased food

    prepare a shift roster for food workers for submission to security arrange to dispose of leftovers after the party coordinate needs with school cafeteria staff coordinate decoration of the food areas with decorations committee

During the party:

    set up food areas with assistance from the construction committee cook and serve dinner

    serve snacks cook and serve breakfast

After the party:

    clean up food areas

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Games and Booths

At each party a variety of games are provided. The games are organized

in booths in the same manner as a circus midway. This committee selects the games to be provided, rents the booths and supervises the games.

The tasks of the games and booths committee include:

Before the party:

    select games

    determine, in conjunction with the prizes committee, what prizes are to be awarded for each game

    locate and contract for booths

    rent, construct or purchase game equipment enlist games workers

    prepare a shift roster for submission to security coordinate decoration requirements with decorations committee develop a cleanup plan

    set up game booths with the assistance of the construction committee

During the party

    supervise games

After the party:

    tear down decorations in game areas

    dismantle booths

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The primary function of the hospitality committee is to provide food for work parties. Committees place orders with the hospitality committee for food when a work party is planned.

The activities of the hospitality committee include:

Before the party:

    prepare food for work parties

    deliver food to work site

During the party:

    provide food for the party workers

    staff hospitality room

After the party:

    clean up hospitality room

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Prizes and Donations

The prizes committee solicits prize donations from the local merchants and selects prizes that need to be purchased.

The activities of this committee are:

Before the party:

    develop a prize plan solicit prize donations purchase prizes maintain contributors list

    coordinate prizes with games and booths

    make arrangements with security for the protection of prizes set up prize booth with the assistance of construction obtain microphone for grand prize raffle

During the party:

    award game prizes throughout the night

    conduct drawing for casino prizes

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The security committee is responsible for internal and external security of the party both before and during the party. In the week leading up to the party, the security committee provides continuous on-site security.

During the party, security is responsible for providing chaperones inside the school and is responsible for hiring sheriff deputies to patrol the school grounds both inside and outside the party area.

The activities of the security committee include:

Before the party:

    prepare a security plan recruit chaperones hire sheriff deputies borrow communications equipment

    sweep grounds in the hours that proceed the party for hidden caches of alcohol and drugs

    prepare name tags for party workers

During the party:

    provide party security supervise admissions

    notify parents if problems occur during party

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Special Activities

Special activities include activities in which student participation is the primary ingredient. No outside talent is involved. The difference between entertainment and special activities is that in the case of entertainment a hired entertainer is involved.

This committee is responsible for providing activities such as volleyball, ping pong, roller-skating etc.

The activities of the special activities committee include:

Before the party:

    develop an activities plan in coordination with the entertainment and decorations committees

    contract for or build the equipment needed for special activities develop a special activities schedule

    recruit volunteers to supervise special activities during the party prepare a shift roster for submission to security

    set up the special activities with the assistance of construction

During the party:

    supervise each of the special activities

After the party:

    assist in the tear down and clean up of the special activities areas collect and return equipment to vendors

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Telephone and Volunteer Coordinator

The telephone and volunteer committee solicits volunteer assistance and donations over the telephone. Other committees provide a list of items or services needed to the telephone committee. The telephone committee then uses the seniors list to solicit assistance from volunteers or donations of materials or services from professionals.

The activities of the telephone and volunteer committee include:

Before the party:

    organize telephone tree

    solicit donations or assistance for committees

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The secretary takes minutes at all the board meetings and makes them available to the committee chairpersons within a week. The secretary (and a committee if necessary) write thank you notes to donors to thank them for participating in the SANP. The lists of donors are compiled by the various committees and given to the secretary.

Before the party:

    generate a standard form thank you note for general approval solicit lists of donors from committees

    write thank you notes to early donors

    mail thank you notes

After the party:

    write thank you notes to donors and committee participants

    mail notes

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The transportation committee helps transport items such as tools, equipment, construction materials, prizes, decorations etc. as a service for other committees. The various committees place orders with the transportation committee for the pickup and delivery of items to be moved.

The activities of the transportation committee include:

Before the party:

    secure commitments for vans, trucks, etc.

    schedule and coordinate transportation requests from committees

After the party:

    transport items for cleanup committee

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The treasurer provides an accounting of the money gathered and spent during the course of the party preparation and presentation. In addition, the treasurer deposits moneys received, signs checks and keeps a set of accounting records.

The tasks of the treasurer are:

    keep a set of books open a checking account pay bills

    assist in the establishment of a budget monitor of budget performance provide monthly treasurers report

    be available for check signing at committee meetings

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This committee is charge of publishing all information regarding the committee meetings, Senior parent meeting, SANP information, and ticket sales. The information is published at various levels- on campus, in the M. V. newsletter, flyers, and local and school newspapers.

Before the party:

    advertise the Senior Parent meeting to select the theme help publicize the sale of tickets

    print a monthly release in the Monta Vista newsletter make posters

During the party:

    take care of publicity regarding the party (i.e., local newspapers)